Miguel was born and raised on the small Spanish island of Menorca where his Grandad, a famous food critic, introduced him to a wide range of food flavours and combinations – one of these being Mexican cuisine – which he brought with him when he moved to England in his early teens.

His passion for Mexican food grew, and in 2003 he set off in search of culinary inspiration – and what better place to go than the homeland of this unique style of food combination – sunny Mexico!

Mexico did not disappoint, and on his return to England Miguel had only one mission; to bring his adopted hometown the delights he had discovered abroad – and so Burrito Loco was born.

The intention is simple; to satisfy every Mexican food lover by providing authentic, tasty Mexican food at a budget pleasing price.

Whether it’s mild or spicy, minimum or maximum flavour, small or large portions – Burrito Loco enables you to make the decision. And with Surrey’s freshest extras on the menu, making it healthy is the easiest decision of all!